Stonyhurst Language School


Stonyhurst Language School

The Stonyhurst Language School opened in 2012 and achieved British Council Accreditation in 2014.

Stonyhurst College is a co-educational day and boarding school set in 2,500 acres of Britain's most beautiful countryside in the North West of England.  Founded in 1593, the College has been welcoming and educating students from around the world for over 400 years.  Under the caring guidance of Stonyhurst Language School's committed staff, students will enjoy a happy and productive course in one of the most stunning and historic settings in England.

The course is residential with the children benefitting from the use of the whole school and campus facilities.

2016 Course Dates

Course One:   Monday 4 July 2016 - Monday 18 July 2016

Course Two:   Monday 18 July 2016 - Monday 1 August 2016

Courses can be combined to create a 4 week course.  3 week bookings are available, however places will be limited.

Each two week course is £2220.00 per student.  This is all inclusive and there are no hidden costs. We include personal travel insurance, local airport transfers, all educational materials including a course book to keep, laundry, 4 excursions per course.

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Stonyhurst Language School

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Stonyhurst Language School

Accommodation is offered in 2 of the College's finest boarding houses.

We have 40 en suite rooms which are either single or twin bedded rooms.  We house all of the girls in this boarding house and the youngest of the boys.  Each floor will be either fully male or female with security on each floor.  There will be a member of staff situated in a duty flat on each floor of the boarding houses.

The second boarding house is for the older boys.  All of these rooms are twin rooms.  Bathroom facilities are situated on each floor and there will also be a member of staff situated in a duty flat.

Children are encouraged to share bedrooms with other nationalities to encourage their development of the English language.


Stonyhurst Language School

Stonyhurst College is located in the beautiful Ribble Valley, set in 2500 acres of some of the most stunnng British countryside.

Its location is rural and yet the school is easily reached from major cities: London Euston is just 2 hours away and Manchester is 1 hour. 


Entry Requirements

Stonyhurst Language School

English is taught across 5 levels; Elementary - Advanced.  

We require children to be at least elementary level.  Unfortunately we cannot accept beginners.

Student Life

Stonyhurst Language School

Students receive 23 hours of English tuition per week with activities on afternoons and evenings.

In addition there are 2 excursions per week.  1 full day and 1 half day.

Tuition Period 1 (9am – 10.10am) (9.15am – 10.25am on Sundays)

In this class students are introduced to new language, or language that is pertinent to their level and requires practice. This language input can either be lexical or grammatical, and there is usually some reference to the course book, although teachers try to avoid book-only lessons. 45 minutes of homework will be set by the teacher of this lesson to either practice the structures and forms from this lesson, or to do preparation and research for the following day’s lesson. Homework can take the form of reading, writing, dictionary work and computer-based research.

Tuition Period 2 (10.30 – 11.25) (10.40 – 11.35 on Sundays)
Listening, reading and writing skills with the main objectives of practicing these skills from a variety of different text types. Particular attention in this class will be focussed on relating students’ classroom experience to cultural and personal aspects of the social programme, including previewing and reviewing excursions.

Tuition Period 3 (11.30 – 12.25) (11.35 – 12.30 on Sundays)
Development of speaking skills, using material suitable to the level of the class. These could include role-plays, classroom debates, interviews and pair or group work.

Tuition period 4 (13.30 – 15.00)
These classes are project or task-based lessons designed to allow students to develop their language skills in a freer, less controlled way than in the morning classes, but with practical and meaningful outcomes.

Student Stories

Stonyhurst Language School

Teachers are cool and studying English is fun (Pierre, France)


I like that there are small classes and a variety of activities (Fabian, Germany)


I love classes because we learn vocabulary, grammar and we practice conversation (Svetlana, Russia)

Contact Details

Stonyhurst Language School

For further information or to reserve a place, please contact Jo-anne Brown, Language School Administrator, via the website, email or  telephone number.