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Songhae from Korea, Diploma in Art, Design and Media

Songhae Lee from Korea
Studied: Diploma in Art, Design and Media
At: Westminster Kingsway College

‘I have always had a passion for expressing myself with drawings and paintings,’ says Songhae.

Songhae had forged a successful career on the editorial team of Vogue Korea – but she wanted a change.

Aged 34, she decided to come to London to develop her skills in art, design and media, and chose a further education college.

‘What I had done previously was self-taught and I wanted to learn properly,’ Songhae says.

‘In class I’m learning how to develop the ideas I have in my head and to sharpen my technique.’

Coming to the UK was a big change for Songhae, especially when she was settled in her career and her life at home.

‘It was an adjustment, learning in a new city, but I am now comfortable and enjoy myself,’ she says.

The mix of ages at the further education college – from students in their late teens to older learners – means there is a hugely cosmopolitan environment.

‘The college is very good for adult learners who want to learn from scratch,’ says Songhae.

‘I never miss my lessons and naturally see the benefits and difference in my work.’

Students here study for qualifications from A-Levels to Diplomas, Foundation Degrees and undergraduate top-up qualifications.

Those like Songhae, who choose to study art and design, get the chance to work in a fine art centre with art studios and design rooms that are used by professionals and give students a taste of a real working environment.

Design studio, Westminster Kingsway College
New designers: A student on a creative and digital media course at the College's King's Cross Centre (Picture: Westminster Kingsway College)

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