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Vishali from India, International Business, Finance and Economics

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Vishali Shyam, 19, from India
International Business, Finance and Economics at the University of Manchester

'Being an exploring person, studying abroad was always my goal. I preferred everything new; I did not like anything mundane. 

'Settling into Manchester was a real challenge. However, the tantalising local neighbourhood – "Curry Mile" on Wilmslow Road – has familiarity as it resembles my home of India. As Manchester is a multicultural and cosmopolitan city, it gave us plenty of opportunity to share our distinct cultures and host various festivals – from Chinese New Year to our very own Deepavali. Throughout my time at university, I had chances to celebrate, meet, socialise and bond with people from various countries, and to learn new customs and cultures. Overall, it was an exhilarating and fun-filled experience.

'At the same time, the learning experience was completely different from the Indian one. There were many essays of about 1500+ words to be handed in, in the first year. We were tested in the form of ‘unseen examinations’ at the end of semester, and preparing for both examinations and essays kept us occupied throughout our studies. One of my favourite buildings on campus was the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons, where students had access to plenty of desk space, an internet lounge, study rooms and cafés to unwind.

'Apart from academics, I am very interested in politics; I run for the Student Union Elections every year, which is a good way to help address student issues in the Assemblies. The careers service and Manchester services center help students in finding jobs and internships, to accelerate their future careers.  There are various societies headed by a team of students promoting social responsibility and community, representing various nations, interests and university faculties.

'The world-famous University of Manchester welcomes nearly 40,000 students from 180 different countries every year. Manchester marked the beginning of the industrial revolution. The first atom was split in Manchester. The world’s first IVF baby was conceived in Manchester. The first modern computer was built in Manchester. The University of Manchester has 25 Nobel Prize winners, out of which four are currently on the faculty of the university – more than any other British university.

'Learning International Business, Finance and Economics in this environment has been a mind-blowing experience so far. For new students, my advice would be to shape your language into a politer form, and remember to smile.'

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