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Meet your boarding school family: Head of Physical Education (PE)

Bulent with students on the basketball court at Bosworth Independent College

At a boarding school, the Head of PE is in charge of sports lessons and extra-curricular activities.

Bulent Tartar, Bosworth Independent CollegeBulent Tatar is Head of PE at Bosworth Independent College, a co-educational boarding school in Northampton, England, with around 320 students aged 14 to 19. He is also involved in arranging the college’s Summer School sports programmes and has a management role in one of the school's boarding houses.

'I hold a variety of roles in the college, and so have plenty of opportunities to interact with the students, from chatting at breakfast to speaking to them in class.

'I feel that it is during physical education (PE) classes that I really have the chance to connect with the students. During the day I run PE sessions for GCSE students. The school also has spaces in the timetable for students to pursue "Enrichment Activities" of their choice, from art to IT programming to yoga; I run the Enrichment Football sessions.

'I find it rewarding to see students helping and supporting each other to become a better team. They show many admirable qualities during their sporting pursuits; they are respectful, friendly and caring towards one another.

'After my last class I usually go and have dinner with the students in the school canteen, then meet up with the A-level and Foundation students for evening sports training sessions.'

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'It is very impressive to see how students find time to balance their academic studies with their sporting commitments. This gives them the opportunity to relax and have fun with their friends, whilst keeping fit and active.

'This is a sure-fire way for students to set themselves up for success. As testament to this, many of our students who regularly play sports, whether competitively or recreationally, go on to study at the top universities in the UK.'

Bulent Tartar Bosworth Independent College
Bulent with students on the volleyball court (Picture ©Bosworth Independent College)

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