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Pavill from Thailand, BA in Geography

Profile photo of geography student Pavill Ruangvichatron during Freshers' Week

Meet Pavill Ruangvichatron from Thailand, who is studying geography at Aberystwyth University in Wales. Here, he gives us an insight on the Freshers' Week experience (to find out more, take a look at our article What is freshers' week?)...

My Freshers’ Week experience was absolutely amazing!

'It will be a memory I will never ever forget. From that week only, I probably met more people than I have in years! Went partying almost every day and had some utter banterous (which means playfully exchanging teasing remarks) times. It’s the one time in your life where you can go as crazy as you want, because everyone is going crazy too!

'When I first went to uni I wanted to meet as many people as I could, because we are only in uni once and this chance will not happen again. I thought, why not just go all out and put yourself out there? Don’t be shy about meeting new people, you have nothing to lose. The worst that can happen is that you two don’t get along, but that’s normal because not everyone in the world gets along.

'The more people you meet, the better, because eventually you’ll find the right people to be friends with. There will be hundreds of clubs and societies to choose from so join as many as you can: the more the better! This is where you can meet people with the same interests. Don’t forget to go to the socials and parties too!

Make your place in uni a true 'home away from home'

'Being an international student, there will always  be differences from your home country. The language, culture, and food will obviously be different from home. Even though these differences exist, try to embrace the British culture, language and food as much as you can. Socialise more with people from the UK and from abroad, rather than only people from your home country. This will automatically improve your English language skills and you will learn so much about other cultures. In the end, it’ll be a memorable experience.

'As much as you will enjoy uni life, there will be times when you will miss home, which is normal. All I can say is never forget why you are here. We are all here for a good degree. In life, there’s always the act of sacrificing. Sacrificing your time away from home for a good degree is an essential investment. You might not notice it now, but you will eventually, after you graduate.

'Try to keep in contact with your friends and family from back home, but not too much. Try to make your place in uni a true ‘home away from home'. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun and I’m sure you’ll be fine!'

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