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Nichenun from Thailand, BTEC National Diploma Art & Design

Nichenun Charoenpukdi
From: Thailand
Studying: BTEC National Diploma Art & Design at Edinburgh College

Why did you choose a college in the UK?

‘I travelled to Edinburgh for a holiday with my family three years ago, and I fell in love with the city and its architecture. London is too busy for me and Edinburgh seems to be perfect for studying art and preparing myself for doing my Master’s degree at a UK university.’

What inspires you about your degree and institution?

‘I have my degree in Art History, but I would love to create my own piece of art in the future. The National Diploma Art & Design course is introducing me to painting techniques and I’m learning the theory, which is a good base of knowledge.’

How did your perception of Art and Design change as a result of your studies?

‘Before I started this course, I thought using all the various new techniques would be the most challenging part. Now, I think the challenge is to produce your own ideas.’

Above and below: Three of Nichenun's projects  (All photos ©Nichenun Charoenpukdi/Edinburgh College)

What do you like most about the teaching methods and styles
you’re experiencing?

What is a BTEC diploma?

Find a course:

‘The teachers at Edinburgh College help students to figure things out for themselves. They show us how to do different techniques, how to use and mix colours, then leave us with this knowledge to experiment and find our own ways of expression.

‘I receive guidance from the teachers only when I need it. They help me to put what is in my mind on paper. They also encourage me to collaborate with others, experiment with art and find my own ideas.’

What does being ‘creative’ mean to you?

‘Creativity, to me, is creating something different and new from old things.
I like to create my art in peace so that it’s not influenced by other people’s ideas and opinions, and my art pieces see daylight only when they are completely finished.’

What advice would you give students hoping to apply to your course?

‘I would advise other students to make sure the course they choose to
study is really right for them.’

What’s your number one memory from your time as a student in the UK?

‘I do not have a “number one” memory, because every day here in the UK is precious. I am challenged to live alone in a place that is so far away from my family and totally different from Thailand. Being a student in Edinburgh is how I can learn to live by myself and how to get myself away from the loneliness. Once, after the New Year holiday, I was homesick and it was a terrible feeling. Now everything is much better, but homesickness is still what I am scared of.’

What are your ambitions for the future?

‘My ambition is to go forward into higher education, to study for a Master’s degree and pursue higher academic goals.’

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