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Katarína from Slovakia, BSc in Psychology

Psychology student Katarína Sabolová from Slovakia, and sights around Bath Spa University

Katarína Sabolová, 22, from Slovakia
Psychology at Bath Spa University, as part of the Intensive Erasmus Programme

"My name is Katarína. I am a 22-year-old psychology student at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. In June this year, I joined the Intensive Erasmus Programme in Bath – a beautiful city located in the southwest of England.

Today, I can say I am very happy about this Big Life Opportunity.

As a student in the final year of the Bachelor’s programme, I had been intensively working hard and thinking about my future. I saw an announcement on the website of our Psychology department and concluded that an opportunity to participate in the Intensive Erasmus Programme at Bath University could be the next step – not only in my education, but in my self-development.

I successfully passed the interview and selection procedure, and with seven other students from the Czech Republic went for the two-week intensive course focused on the topic: “Promoting Inclusion with Cognitive Approach in European Countries (PICA)”. In total, there were 55 students and 11 academics from nine universities in seven European countries (Turkey, Belgium, Hungary, England, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic).

Bath Spa University in the UK is the perfect place where you can study, grow and discover yourself.

For me, everyone being new together was a real bonding experience. We were living in the YMCA hostel in Bath, and I was sharing a room with 15 people who I had never met before. Every day we were getting closer, spending more and more time together – not only at University. Every morning we went to University for 30 minutes by bus, and had classes for the whole day. It was very intensive in many ways.

I realised how great relationships and the environment where you are can influence you. My experiences from the UK have totally changed my point of view on the differences among all of us. Just imagine how our every early morning was – 16 people, 16 alarms! For me, living and studying there had a big impact on my attitude and my understanding of the real meaning of tolerance and respect.

Furthermore, I was very impressed by the education system in the UK. I was inspired by new methods for assessment and final exams. For example, we tried one very effective method on ourselves – keeping our own journal. Every day, we had to take note of what was enriching for us, and some ideas which had changed our minds. After two weeks we had a peer review, and we had an opportunity to share it together in small groups, hear other opinions, inspire and enrich each other as well. I really like this method, and since that trip, I do it every day – to keep my life in movement and follow my goals."

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