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Justina from Lithuania, BA Film and Video Production

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Justina Petkeviciute, 21, from Lithuania
Film and Video Production BA (Hons) at the University of Derby

With the UK remaining a top destination for international students, it might sometimes feel tempting to jump on the bandwagon without carefully reflecting on this very important decision.

Even though I only came to England because I wasn‘t accepted to my first choice of university, the time spent here has shaped my personality and I never regretted the decision.

I would advise everyone with no experience of independent life to study in a student town. They might not seem as attractive, sights and attractions-wise, but they are ideally designed to suit students‘ needs. You will not need to walk long distances from your flat to university, or from university to town. Prices are lower than in big cities and it‘s much easier to settle in, as nearly everyone around is a student. Most first-year students choose to stay in halls of residence; I was one of them and it made my acclimatisation to the UK much quicker. I was very lucky to always be surrounded by British freshers who introduced me to their customs and cultural differences.

One of the main reasons why, in my opinion, the UK is the best place to study for young people from abroad is because it‘s such a multicultural nation – everyone is used to hearing unusual accents and seeing all kinds of ethnic backgrounds.

Even more, most universities have dedicated international student centres to help you with homesickness, visa issues or even welcome you to international summer schools where you can make sure your English level is enough to start your studies. You will even have many advantages over local students as there are always loads of trips to join across England. All universities have excellent facilities, libraries and staff who will help you before you even ask.

If you are thinking of moving to the UK for your studies, make sure you do plenty of research about the city or town that you have chosen, and that its pace of life will suit your needs. Since there are so many universities in England, it‘s vital to check subject rankings of your course as some universities might have a brilliant law faculty but average art courses. Also, find out all the information about your accommodation so that you don‘t end up moving out within your first week abroad.

Finally, if you are open to adventures and new experiences, time in England will reward you with the most wonderful memories and friends from all over the world.

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