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Meet your boarding school family: Deputy head boy

At UK schools, the deputy head boy or girl is a student who works to create a link between teachers and students, supports the head boy/girl and prefects, and takes an active role in school events and activities.

18-year-old Sebastian Haley, from Hong Kong, is a boarder and deputy head boy at Campbell College in Belfast, Northern Ireland – a grammar school for boys, with around 133 boarding students. He tells us about his responsibilities and his experiences as a UK student.

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'I currently hold the position of deputy head boy of my school. The day-to-day life is surprisingly similar to that of a normal Upper Sixth pupil. I have meetings with the other senior prefects once a week and
a meeting with the headmaster every fortnight.

'This allows me to make an impact on the running of the school whilst still being able to take part in various clubs and sports that are on offer plus being able to focus on my studies.

'I am particularly enjoying my roles within the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), a youth organisation with a strong tradition in the British military. I am second in command of the Royal Air Force (RAF) section, and hold the rank of Cadet Flight Sergeant.'

©Sebastian Haley/Campbell College

'I have had some great opportunities with the force, including trips to the USA, South Africa and other parts of the UK. I am also drum major in our pipe band, responsible for the training of corporals in all ceremonial and musical events. This role is extremely rewarding as I get to see my efforts manifest themselves in near-perfect drill movements and events.

'The CCF has taught me so much in terms of leadership and management. I use these skills in my role as deputy head boy and they will be invaluable when I leave school and embark on the next stage of my life. I've always wanted to give back to the school for providing me with many unforgettable experiences and opportunities, and what better way to give back than being the deputy head boy?

'The senior prefects have meetings concerning anything from charity fundraising ideas to ensuring the welfare of younger boys. We share a report with all outcomes that have been decided upon with the senior prefects so they can outline any areas we may have missed. We developed this system by ourselves and it seems to be working remarkably well considering it was only introduced this year.

'I feel great being able to say that I made Campbell College better for the younger year groups. I have tried to make the most of the wonderful time I have spent at this school, and I hope I will inspire other boys to do the same.'

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