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English language courses for children and teenagers

Young English language student at the International Projects Centre, Cardiff

Each year, thousands of children and teenagers from around the world come to the United Kingdom for an English language course.

You may want to do a short course during your holidays, or to help you prepare for school or university. Even after just a few weeks, you will find that your English skills improve enormously!

Get involved!

In the UK, teachers try to make lessons as interactive and entertaining as possible – enjoying your lessons helps you learn more effectively. You won’t just be listening to the teacher and learning grammar. You will also be playing games, listening to the radio, watching films, chatting in groups, listening to songs and much more… all to improve your English skills.

Don’t worry if you are shy about speaking the language – plenty of your classmates will feel the same! Your teachers will understand and help you join in.

Explore the UK countryside and heritage

Many language schools organise activities after classes and at weekends. These activities are supervised by adults, and are often included in the course fee. Activities could include trips to visit beautiful old towns and castles, days out to the seaside, or parties and games in the evenings. Ask your school what is on offer.

Health, safety and welfare

UK schools and language centres take student welfare very seriously. Schools that teach children and teenagers must meet rigorous standards and undergo regular inspection by government bodies. Find out more in our English language centres article.

UK teachers and school staff working with young students must also pass a Disclosure and Barring Service check. This checks police files to make sure teachers have not been convicted of any crimes that would put children at risk.

Although the UK is generally a safe place, it is important to look after yourself wherever you are in the world. Before you travel to the UK, we recommend that you read the Creating confidence guide, which has lots of advice about staying safe in the UK. You can also read more in the Health, safety and welfare section.

If you have any concerns when you are in the UK, speak to your teachers or school staff.