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UK teaching and education

Woman reading a book with notes in the margins

UK education has a reputation for excellence, and most international students in the UK highly rate the quality of teaching they receive.

For example, in the survey ‘Tracking International Graduate Outcomes’ (2011, BIS), 88% of international graduates said they were satisfied with their learning experience.

When you begin your studies, you might find that UK education methods are different to what you are used to.

On a UK course, you are likely to be given great freedom to explore your own ideas and to be creative. You may be expected to do your own research or work in groups with other students for some projects.

UK education is very interactive too – you won’t just be listening to your tutor all the time. Your tutor will encourage you to share your ideas and may organise activities, such as debates, discussions and quizzes. The idea is that by having fun and getting involved, you will learn more successfully. 

This way of learning might feel daunting at first, but you should receive lots of support from your tutors, and with a little time we hope you will soon feel at ease.

Don’t worry if you feel shy – a lot of people in the UK are shy too so you won’t be alone! But your teachers should make sure that everyone feels at ease.

If you are going to study at further education or higher education level, we recommend that you visit the Prepare for Success website. It’s a great resource that gives you lots of information about what classes and teaching in the UK are like, and advice on how to succeed.