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Manasi from India, MA Architectural Visualisation

Postgraduate student Manasi Kiran Sakare on campus at the University of Kent

‘For me, being creative means achieving and giving happiness.’

Manasi Kiran Sakare, from India, is studying for a Master’s in Architectural Visualisation at the Kent School of Architecture (based at the University of Kent). Find out why she chose the course, what her top piece of advice is for new students, and how friendships can form in unlikely places…

What made you decide to study for your master’s degree in the UK?

‘I graduated with a bachelor of architecture (BArch) degree in India. The United Kingdom is renowned for its architecture and architectural education, so I knew that by studying in the UK, I would have the opportunity to engage globally and gain international experience.’

What do you find most inspiring about your degree and institution?

‘The most inspiring thing about the master’s degree is its connection between architecture, animation and other related creative disciplines. This is a relationship I have always wished to pursue.’

Did your perception of your subject change after starting your studies?

‘My initial conception of the course was that it would also contain design projects. However, I quickly learned that the course is about the communication of design and not design itself. The depth of detail required for submission also prepares us to deliver a market-ready product.’

Depth of detail: Two of Manasi's projects  (All photos ©Manasi Sakare)

What was your favourite thing about the teaching methods and styles you experienced?

‘The communication with professors is very easy. Also, there are recorded lectures which are easy to access.’

What does being ‘creative’ mean to you?

‘For me, being creative means achieving and giving happiness.’

What’s your advice for future architecture students?

‘I would like to advise students to research the course, develop your software knowledge and be ready to do lots of hard work!’

Cutting-edge technology: Manasi using an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset as part of her 3D visualisation work

Was there a trip, a workshop, a course or a speech that really stands out in your memory?

‘We visited the seaside town of Margate to carry out a 3D site scan on an art-deco cinema building, for one of our projects. We then proceeded to the Turner Contemporary art gallery. It was a great experience, exploring art as well as the building itself. I was in awe after seeing the building and I felt inspired.’

What are your ambitions for the future?

‘My ambition is to work internationally and have a global experience.’

What’s your number one memory from your time as a student?

‘My standout memory would be of the friendships I’ve made throughout my time here at the University of Kent. 

‘This started with the journey from India to the UK, when I helped a fellow passenger in distress by charging her phone, so she could make an important call. We are still friends now, and we contact each other regularly to see how we’re doing! Being the first time I had travelled out of India, this was a positive experience for me and gave me some comfort at a nervous time.’

Manasi with a friend on campus after celebrating Holi, the festival of colours. (Click here to see more photos from students celebrating Holi in the UK!)

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