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Choosing and applying for a higher education course

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Finding a course and a university/college

Before you start looking for a course, please read the article Universities and colleges for guidance on choosing a reputable institution, plus Courses and qualifications to learn about the UK education system.

On this Education UK website, you can search through thousands of higher education courses at reputable universities and colleges. Click here to start looking! You can select undergraduate, postgraduate or MBA courses, and then use the filters to find courses that suit you.

Education UK covers the vast majority of UK higher education courses on offer, but not all (we are working on it!). On the UK government website there is a list of other places to search for reputable universities and colleges: read more here.

Applying for a course


  • For postgraduate courses, many universities and institutions handle their own application processes, and you can often apply directly via their website.

    Some institutions use the UK Postgraduate Application and Statistical Service (UKPASS) scheme. You can see which institutions are part of the scheme and find out more at the UKPASS website. You can apply using the UKPASS service at any time as there are no deadlines. However, your preferred universities and colleges may have their own closing dates, so you'll need to check with them before you apply.

  • UCAS Conservatoires is a separate application system for practice-based music courses, and some dance and drama courses, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. You can find more information and apply online at UCAS Conservatoires.

  • UCAS also operates an application system for graduates who want to take postgraduate teacher training courses. Find out more and apply online at the UCAS Teacher Training website.