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Alumni Story of Sabiha Zannat-Bangladesh

Alumni Story of Sabiha Zannat-Bangladesh

Sabiha Zannat did her MBA from Birmingham City University and is now a member of the British Council’s Customer Services team in Bangladesh.


In 2009, after finishing my graduation and internship, I was aimless and didn’t know what to do next.Should I get a job or go for further studies? Suddenly it struck me that I had always wanted to pursue a foreign degree abroad, specifically an MBA from UK. Now the question is, why UK for an MBA degree? 
In 2008, when I working on a Business English Course with the British Council in Bangladesh I found myself deeply involved with the ideas of culture, education and other aspects of the UK. I also witnessed the power of a UK education throughout the world. This encouraged me to dream about getting a degree from the UK. When it was time to fulfill my dreams I started processing my papers for the visa, applications and other required documents. 
I will never forget the day I got my acceptance letter, especially personalised for me. Excitement overload! 

I enrolled for a Top up MBA with BTEC Advanced Professional Diploma in Management Studies at City of London College. I could hardly contain my excitement when the day finally came for me to fulfill my dreams. On one hand I was excited about exploring a new country and culture but on the other hand I often found myself missing my loved ones and feeling homesick sometimes.  But going through this situation I learned it was important to be open. I have to thank the UK for this lesson.
As I started my course, I found the UK education systems to be different from what I was used to. On my MBA course, I was encouraged to explore my own ideas and creativity. I have done my own research work or worked in groups with other students for some projects. UK education is very interactive - like a two way communication. Both teachers and students bring their ideas to the table and activities such as debates, discussions and quizzes facilitate this. I found that having fun being involved in the subject helped us learn more successfully.

From my UK education, I have learned how to welcome every experience, every opportunity and every person that walks into my life. I took myself out of my comfort zone and embraced every opportunity that came my way. It taught me how to survive in a new place, in a new culture and in a new world.  I really enjoyed learning about different cultures from different people and realised how similar we are. UK gave me a lot of treasured memories.
I completed my Diploma in October, 2010 from City of London College under Edexcel Board and my MBA in January, 2012 from City of London College under Birmingham City University. But the real battle was just starting. Getting a good job and good career! I worked as part time supervisor in Starbucks Coffee Company and worked full time as a Business Development Team Member in an Advertising Agency in the UK. My education in the UK gave me the skills and expertise to handle a role through passion and motivation. I know how to work in a team, and adapted at time management, customer service, cash management and more. I got the opportunity to work in diversified industries. I completed my UK journey in 2015 and came back to Bangladesh and took up the challenge of building my career in the Bangladesh job market.

From here, the journey starts with British Council Bangladesh. I attended a job fair organised by the British Council, which led me to my current job at the British Council in Bangladesh. I applied for a position, was selected, joined and started a new journey.
Yes, this is me Zannat, a Customer Service Officer and I proudly represent British Council Bangladesh and this is my story.