EF Academy Torbay


EF Academy Torbay

EF Academy International Boarding Schools prepares students for a global future with a superior secondary school educationin the U.S. or UK. At EF Academy, we believe in every student’sability to succeed. We empower them to do so throughour renowned curricula, as well as quality one-on-one relationships with teachers and mentors alike. With a studentbody made up of 75 different nationalities, multilingualismand intercultural exchange are built into every course, whichhelps distinguish our students’ academic credentials to bothuniversity admissions officers and future employers.

Torbay is a beach resort area located on England’s southwest coast, popular with British and international travelers alike. Known as the English Riviera, the region offers a wealth of beaches, restaurants, coffee shops, sports fields, and theaters while retaining the safe and quiet atmosphere students need for effective learning. Our campus extends beyond the classrooms and into the town of Torquay where the school is nestled in. The community – made up of students, school staff and locals – has often been described as a family and you will feel very much at home in this encouraging learning environment.

EF Academy is part of EF Education First, a pioneer in global education since 1965. EF’s mission has always been to open the world through language, academics and cultural experience with innovative ways to learn. EF Academy takes this educational mission one step further by helping high school students become independent, confident global citizens.


EF Academy Torbay

Education at EF Academy Torbay is highly individualized. Students follow the IGCSE program in their first two years of secondary school and continue with the IB Diploma or A-Level program, they also take intensive English language courses.

EF Academy Torbay students have been accepted to universities such as Durham, Warwick and Exeter. They have also gone on to study Business at the University of Bath, ranked number one for Business in the UK, and Accounting and Finance at the University of Leeds, also ranked number one for that subject in the UK. Our dedicated university advisor works together with our students to help them explore program and career options, research universities in the UK, U.S. and their home country, and prepare for entrance exams and interviews.

At EF Academy Torbay, each student is assigned a guidance counselor whose role is to monitor the student’s academicprogress and general welfare. They can turn to their counselorwhenever they need support with homework and courses,or when they are experiencing homesickness. The guidance counselor also serves as the parent’s main point of contact at the school and families are encouraged to get in touch with the counselor if they have any questions about their child’s progress, performance, workload or wellbeing. 

Our on-campus facilities have been designed to inspire you. The art studio has large windows that face the sea – perfect for landscape study. The state-of-the-art science labs are ideal for conducting experiments and research in class with study groups.


EF Academy Torbay

In the international environment at EF Academy Torbay, students aged 14 to 19 live and learn together. Students can live in off-campus residences with their classmates and house parents, or they can stay with a local host family where they benefit from full immersion into British culture and language. Both options provide a safe, supportive and comfortable “home away from home.”

EF Academy has two residence buildings that are located a short 15-minute walk from the school. One building is for boys and the other is for girls. If you choose to live in the residence, you will be in constant care of highly qualified house parentswho are there 24/7 to take care of you and keep you safe. You live closely with other EF Academy students and have access to student lounges, a cafeteria and several other areas suitable for studying or meeting with friends. You are served breakfast and dinner in the student residence and you can buy lunch at school or in town during the weekdays. On weekends, brunch and dinner are served.

If you choose to live with a host family, you will be placed with an experienced local family who is familiar with hosting and taking care of international students. You get a direct view into the British culture and you get a family away from home. You are provided with all the same necessities as you would in a residence and all meals are served by your host family, except the weekday lunches that you purchase at school during the weekdays.


EF Academy Torbay

Torbay is a beach resort area located on England’s Southwest coast, popular with British and international travelers alike. The EF Academy Torbay campus is situated in a modern-day castle on a hill overlooking the sea and the town of Torquay.

Torbay’s coffee shops, art galleries, boutiques and restaurants are just a stroll away from campus. Here, you will experience how students and locals weave together to create a tight-knit, welcoming community. On weekends, students often enjoy exploring nearby Babbacombe Beach, sailing in the harbor or going horseback riding. You will also have opportunities to go on teacher-led weekend trips to London or Exeter.

If your interest is to continue on with university studies in the UK, our academic staff can prepare you for the exams you need and they will also take you on campus tours of the universities in the area.

Student Life

EF Academy Torbay

Student life at EF Academy is varied, exciting and stimulating. We have built strong links with businesses in the community that open their doors to our students. As an EF Academy student, you have free or reduced entry to the local rock climbing and cycling centers, the gym and swimming pool, and you can receive discounts at some cafes and restaurants, just by showing your school identification. School staff also organize on-campus activities throughout the week. You can meet your friends at the Social Club events or enjoy a movie night in one of our student lounges.

We strongly encourage our students to participate in activities so that they can expand their horizons, make new friends and explore their interests. We offer a range of special-interest and academic clubs, sports and cultural excursions that students learn about during their first week of school and participate in throughout the school year.

Some clubs and sports available at EF Academy Torbay include Drama Club, Photography Club, Cooking Club, football, basketball, tennis, yoga, climbing, Math Club, Debate Club, language clubs and Model UN. In addition to all the clubs and co-curricular activities, we also offer hiking and camping trips, International Day and Lunar New Year festivities, weekend trips to London, Stonehenge and Bath and many other trips and events for our students to take part of and enjoy.

Fees and Entry Requirements

EF Academy Torbay

IGCSE: £23,850/year, £7,950/term

IB/A-Levels: £24,450/year, £8,150/term

Preparation Course: £17,850/year, £5,950/term

Entry requirements:

- At least 14 years of age at the time of enrollment

- For IGCSE:

            > Successful completion of Grade 8/9

            > IELTS 4.5 or 41/70 on the EF English Test

- For IB/A-Level:

>Successful completion of Grade 10

> IELTS 5.5 or 52 points on EF English Test

Student Testimonials

EF Academy Torbay

“There is no wall between students and teachers at EF Academy Torbay. Teachers help you feel comfortable and you can ask them questions or ask them for help. They review the course material until every single student understands it. That means a lot to me.”

JooHee Kim, South Korea

EF Academy Torbay

A-Level Student

“What I like about studying in the UK is that the teachers encourage us to engage more in the subjects. In Indonesia, the teachers mostly lectured, but here, we are encouraged to think of solutions to problems, be creative and apply our knowledge.”

Gemi Nastiti, Indonesia

EF Academy Torbay

IGCSE and A-Level Student

“At EF Academy, there are fewer people in my classes than at my previous school in Germany – instead of 30 people in a class, we have six to ten students. It’s great because the teacher can focus on all the students and if I have a problem or a question, I can get the teacher’s full attention. I really enjoy studying with students from all over the world. People from different cultures act differently and have different opinions and experiences that I can learn from.”

Julius Schnoor, Germany

EF Academy Torbay

IB Student