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Laura from Italy, BA in Combined Modern Languages

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Laura Gorlero, 20, from Italy
Combined Modern Languages at the University of Portsmouth

'Let me tell you the truth about UK university life...'

'If you have just filled your application to study in the UK, you are probably wondering what university life is like and dreaming about your future in this wonderful country. UK universities are the best place to be; they give the opportunity to develop the skills necessary in a future career, providing high-quality courses and teaching, modern facilities, and supporting students throughout their learning experience.

'Wait a moment. That is what parents want to hear. Let me tell what UK university life is really like.

'As a fresher (read:  first-year undergraduate student), you will be thrown in a world you would never have imagined. Being a student in the UK means having the best time of your life. Have you ever heard of a sport called "Octopush"? Neither had I, until I looked at the list of activities that my university offers and found out that it is underwater hockey. You might not be into sport; perhaps you prefer more cultural activities? Learn a new language for free, or take a part in one of the trips organised by the university, in the UK or abroad.

'Volunteering projects are also really popular among students: take part in a bike ride from London to Paris in order to raise money for a charity! Loads of different societies are available, whether you are keen on cinema, politics or rock music. Interested in making your voice heard? Simply join the student media, or represent fellow students becoming a course representative or a student officer.

'Make sure you do not miss city life as well. Restaurants, shopping areas, historical sites and of course, clubs and pubs. Speaking of nightlife, I feel somehow obliged to warn you: English students tend to become just a bit crazy when it comes to going out at night. If you see a group of smurfs in town, don’t worry. It is just an ordinary student night out. Yes, I know it is winter and those guys are not wearing anything apart from white pants and blue body paint, but it is something you will get used to.

'As you can imagine at this point, university life in the UK could be quite hectic. Make sure you get enough sleep at night; you do not want to miss any morning lectures. And sometimes a quiet night in with your housemates is the best idea: watching a film, making some cooking experiments or cleaning the house together. Why not?

'And if this is still not enough for you, remember you can always pop into the library to write that 2,000-word essay that is due in tomorrow.'

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