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Janak from India, MSc International Management

Janak and friends after graduation at the University of Worcester

Janak Naresh Mistry, 28, from India
MSc in International Management at the University of Worcester

'High-quality teaching and research make a lot of difference at the UK’s universities. I had an opportunity to be in touch with some of the University of Worcester’s top professors, who besides teaching have been key researchers in their fields. This interaction not only helped me understand the concepts well, but also helped broaden my horizon and think from various perspectives.'

Settling in

'Being a student in a foreign country is different in the initial stages but with time, patience and politeness you feel at home. My experience at the University of Worcester was great. Besides the cooperative staff, this was helped by some of my fellow students, and now my friends share a bond which has remained strong and unconditional over time.

'One of the best parts about being a student in the UK is enjoying the protection and safety of the country. Though being in the beautiful city of Worcester I have never faced any problems, when staff occasionally ask how you have been, you certainly feel cared for and special. With some of the most advanced technologies in the UK, it’s also convenient to use the facilities provided by the government. You’ll feel protected by the local police authorities, who always guide you and help you when needed.'

Christmas with an English family

'You’ll also notice the Christmas celebrations, which are carried out in a grand way throughout the country – it’s one of the best times to be in the UK. The university organised for me to join an English family for Christmas dinner, and I felt privileged that the family extended their warm hospitality to a foreign student like me, and let me be a part of their Christmas celebration.

'Besides Christmas, I would also recommend ceilidh celebrations. This is a traditional gathering which involves playing folk music and dancing. I had the chance to take part when the University of Worcester organised it for international students. It was a pleasure – everyone comes together and enjoys the dance and music, and relishes some of the English delicacies.

'Knowing about the important days and rituals in the UK gives you a good opportunity to enjoy them, and save you from feeling like the odd one out. It also helps to be polite, patient and courteous toward other people.'

Cooking with friends

'As they say, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Learn to cook some of your traditional dishes and I am sure you would use fewer words and more of the magic when your fellow flatmates try out food from your country! I feel it is one of the best ways to make friends and enjoy delicacies from around the world.'

Preparing for the future

'The best way to be prepared for exams is to attend your classes regularly, and to be clear with the concepts taught in each class. It is better to clear up doubts after the same class where you didn’t understand, than to get a bad grade later on.

'Lastly, the time you spend at university is precious, expensive and something which will never come back. Make the most of it and maintain a good rapport with your friends and teachers, for you never know who might be helpful to you in the future. It is also the first step towards building professional connections, which can later help your personal growth internationally.

'Best wishes!'

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