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How an MBA helped me get my dream job

Zuhair Imran

Zuhair Imran is Chief Strategy Officer at KidzDunya Entertainment Ventures in Pakistan.  He obtained his MBA from Durham University Business School in September 2015.

KidzDunya Entertainment Ventures is Pakistan’s only ‘edu-tainment’ theme park where learning is combined with fun. I lead a team of 71 employees, which may grow as we wish to expand into other parts of Pakistan. I not only look after the strategy of the organisation but also oversee marketing and operations in order to provide a quality service to our clients.

KidzDunya aims to empower, inspire and educate children through real-life role-playing activities. We have entered into our third year of operations and have impacted approximately 200,000 lives, and wish to continue doing so in future. It is a place where children between four and 14 are exposed to career options, equally focusing on girls and boys. We charge people living in affluent areas for our services, but not for children from less affluent parts of Karachi. This is done through our school outreach program.

We conducted extensive market research of the education sector of Pakistan and found that there is no career counselling at school level and thought to start this social venture where children can actually aspire what they want to be in future.

In addition to all of this, I teach marketing as a visiting faculty member at Bahria University, where i am not only sharing the soft skills that I gained during my stay in the UK, but also the academic knowledge. 

I had many reasons for going to the UK for my MBA; the accreditation of the universities, a well-rounded curriculum, multicultural classmates and a vast alumni network.  The curriculum introduces students to nearly every aspect of business administration, through the context of a young professional. While courses such as Finance would equip me with tools to fix and analyse the quantifiables of a corporation, I can also employ the full range of business practices at corporations around the world.

The universities provide students with the opportunity for doing business projects with world’s leading organisations and this is the cornerstone of UK student experience.  Durham graduate business education and training provided me with comprehensive tools, adding academic depth to the professional abilities gained in my professional life.  My studies in the UK really help me in my current career.

UK is a multi-cultural society in the truest sense and what you learn while living there is priceless. Learning from not only the academics but also your peers is what makes UK different to other countries.  I didn’t find any difficulty in settling in the UK. My English peers never made me feel uncomfortable even if I pronounced a few English words wrong and I took advantage of excellent sports facilities on campus.

An MBA from a top business school will not only help you in career progression but also will increase your employability in different sectors. The professional networks I built during my MBA degree helped me secure funding for entrepreneurial projects and finalise merger and partnership deals. All of these factors add up to a significant boost for your career.

As MBA student you are exposed to new subject areas, often inspired to expand original educational goals. Secondly, professionals from a range of areas such as information technology, sports management, marketing join together in the common pursuit of an MBA degree and are exposed to career fields and thought processes that would they might not have experienced otherwise.

An international MBA degree, focused on international business can provide invaluable guidance in expanding a company's sales footprint. It has taught me to speak several languages, which, along with my training in effective communication, allow me to connect easily with international clients.