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Tanvi from India, Project Manager at FoleyDesigns

Portrait photo of Tanvi Nafdey, design graduate and Project Manager at FoleyDesigns

Tanvi Nafdey
From: Nagpur, India
Studied: Design and Branding Strategy MA at Brunel University, London
Now: Project Manager at FoleyDesigns, Bangalore, India

'The best design strategies in the world'

'My one year in London gave me enough experience for a lifetime, and fully prepared me for my career. I chose to study in the UK because the course at Brunel focused on branding strategy as well as design innovation – a perfect blend for design management – and London is known to have the best design strategies in the world.

'Whenever I tell other professionals in India that I have a master’s from the UK, they react very positively. I found it relatively easy to find a job in India, and I believe I got more interviews because of my degree from London.

'I now work as a Project Manager and Co-ordinator at FoleyDesigns. Being in the management side of design, I am most involved in the firm’s daily management meetings. My day is filled with client meetings and giving directions to the designers. The best part about working for a design studio is that you always have something new on your plate every single day – I’m never bored.


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'Life in the UK was very different'

'People in the UK are very particular about time; that was one thing I noticed when I first arrived. The punctuality and discipline I developed have really benefited my career – as have the excellent design and branding skills I gathered from my degree, and the contacts I built up here with friends and professionals.

'Life in the UK was very different from life at home. Of course, the climate was different – much colder – but I got used to it like everyone does, and it’s always fun to see it snow!

'The teaching style in the UK is also very different from that in India. I feel it’s more structured, and there’s a strong bond between students and teachers, because of the attention that each student gets. Teachers always go out of their way to help. All the lectures are very clearly planned, and presentations are made available on the university intranet, which makes it very easy for students to catch up on any points they miss.

'My confidence increased drastically'

'Living in the UK made me more responsible and capable of taking care of things independently. I worked part-time in a grocery store at university, handled my expenses on my own, and learned to cook when I lived alone. My confidence in speaking to different people increased drastically – and in a positive way.

'All the people I knew in the UK, from my flatmate to my course mates, professors and my colleagues at work, were always helpful at every stage of my journey. I still keep in contact with all my friends through social networking sites.

'Be enthusiastic, ready to experiment and explore innovations in design'

'I would advise any students wishing to go into design to be very clear on the area they want to specialise in; design is a very vast subject. Also, every student should be enthusiastic, ready to experiment and explore innovations in design at every step.

'I believe in design. I feel there is nothing on this earth that does not have an element of design to it: everything from a small pen nib to aircraft has to undergo a design process. A person just needs that eye to appreciate and observe it.'

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