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Meet your boarding school family: Student ambassador

Students outside the entrance of Bosworth Independent College

'I help all the new students settle down comfortably when they arrive.'

©Bosworth Independent College17-year-old Akaki Vashakidze, from Georgia, is studying at Bosworth Independent College, a boarding school in the UK with around 320 students aged 14 to 19. Akaki is a student ambassador and takes a lead role in helping new students during the induction week at the start of the school year. He also helps at parents’ evenings and open days.

‘I joined Bosworth Independent College in summer 2013, when I was 15. Since then my life has radically changed. I have become more mature, independent and motivated and have gained life experience which will help me to be successful in my later life.

‘I became a student ambassador in September 2014. My role means I help all the new students to settle down comfortably into the new place when they arrive. I meet their parents, share my experiences of boarding school and encourage students to get actively involved in boarding school life.'

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'I have also helped at parents’ evenings, school open days and other induction weeks. All of them were great experiences which I enjoyed a lot.

‘I would recommend anyone at boarding school to get a "role", like being an ambassador. As well as getting to know your fellow students, it will always look good on your CV or in interviews for jobs or universities.

‘Already I have lots of precious memories and interesting stories from my time at the college, all of which are filled with fun and none of which I’ll ever forget.

'I think boarding school is the best way for anyone to gain self-confidence, experience the UK and make hundreds of new friends from different countries.'

©Bosworth Independent College
Being a student ambassador is a chance to help your peers settle in (©Bosworth Independent College)

‘First, you are studying in the UK, which is one of the best countries in the world for providing a valuable education of the highest standards. The atmosphere is supportive, from both teachers and fellow students.

‘Second, you make new friends who are like you: all are determined to study, and when you’re all new, everyone is away from their friends and parents and trying to make as many new friends as possible from different countries. Everyone wants to help one another to be socially active and successful in studies.

‘Third, studying in boarding school gives you a chance to explore the UK. Outside my studies, I’ve been on trips to different places and I feel I’m making the most of the country.'

©Bosworth Independent College
'You make new friends who are like you.' (©Bosworth Independent College)

‘What’s more, the diversity of nationalities in the UK enables students to get to know each other’s cultures better and think more broadly about many major worldwide topics.

‘Being part of boarding school has been the most unforgettable, most valuable experience of my life so far. I recommend every student become part of it and experience UK boarding school life.’

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