Costs and scholarships

Group of students conducting an experiment in physics class at Bede's Senior School


Before you apply, think carefully about the costs and how you will finance your studies. Each school sets its own fees.

  • For independent schools, you need to pay for tuition and boarding (if you will be a boarding pupil). The average fee for younger pupils is just over £6,000 per term. For sixth form, it may be more than £9,000. (Read about the stages of education here.)
  • For state schools, tuition is free of charge, but you need to pay for boarding. Fees are about half of those in the independent sector, ranging from £2,000 to £4,000 per term.

Boarding fees generally cover accommodation, food and drink, laundry, etc. You may, however, need to pay extra for uniforms, books, and for trips and excursions outside of the school. Ask the school what their fees cover, and what you will need to pay for yourself.

Other costs to think about are:

  • Travel to the UK
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Pocket money for snacks, magazines, trips to the cinema, etc.

Have a look at our Money section for more advice about costs and budgeting.

Can I get a scholarship or bursary?

Many pupils at UK boarding schools study on a scholarship or bursary. A scholarship is a fee reduction given for excellence in a particular activity, such as academic work or music. A bursary is financial support for pupils who cannot afford the fees.

Competition for scholarships, bursaries and funding can be strong, but it is worth finding out what is available – ask the schools you're interested in what they can offer. Have a look at our Scholarships and financial support article for more advice.