Monkton Combe School, Bath


Monkton Combe School, Bath

Setting standards for life

Monkton Combe School, just a mile from the World Heritage City of Bath, is an independent, co-educational boarding and day school for pupils aged 2–18. We pride ourselves on our lively Christian ethos, excellent exam results and our strong pastoral care. At Monkton, we are setting standards for life; giving young people the qualities of character they need to become trusted employees, inspiring leaders, valued friends and loving parents. Boarding is at the very heart of Monkton, and the unique atmosphere of the School is enjoyed by boarders and day pupils alike. All the houses reflect the spirit and ethos of the School, but each exudes its own personality generated by its pupils, houseparents and staff.

A broad and varied curriculum

As shown by Monkton’s outstanding exam results over the last five years – and, more importantly, what this means in terms of the way we add value to our pupils – fulfilling academic potential is one of our key priorities. Our students work hard and are well motivated, being supported and encouraged through the care and enthusiasm of our gifted teachers, who are committed to delivering lessons that are lively and enjoyable, as well as being rigorous and demanding. Strategies for supporting gifted and talented students are well established and are continually updated and extended.

Busy days and full weekends

One of Monkton’s strengths is the breadth of activities available to pupils at weekends – in fact, many of our day pupils will spend all weekend at school just so they can join in the Monkton social life. Every Saturday afternoon there is a full programme of sporting activities which follow on after morning lessons. There are some brilliant social events hosted by the houses throughout the year – a bonfire party, a summer fete, a barbecue, to name but a few – and these, together with the music, drama and sporting competitions, keep the students extremely busy at weekends. They can also enjoy the School productions, DVD nights, Pearce Centre parties, junior discos and informal concerts – there is almost too much to choose from!

Transforming lives

Our outstanding pastoral care, strong moral framework and culture of service to others make us an ideal choice for parents looking for a school that will nurture and challenge their child spiritually, emotionally and socially as well as developing their academic potential to the full.

Come and visit

To find out more, please visit website. To arrange a visit, please contact the Registrar, Mrs. Issy Hartnell.

“One parent said, ‘I thank my lucky stars every day that I found Monkton.’ These boys and girls go on to do well and to do good.” The Good Schools Guide