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The University of Sheffield - A World Top Institution

The University of Sheffield

Situated in the heart of the UK, The University of Sheffield has over 300 postgraduate courses in a range of subject areas including Engineering, Business Management and many more.

We are dedicated to building your employability as soon as you join the University. Our Career Development Team will help students with developing the skills they need to apply for a job after graduation. The University of Sheffield has links with companies like Rolls-Royce and Boots and offers many opportunities to add to your CV through placements, volunteering, part-time employment and mentoring.

The University of Sheffield is proud to offer students from India many scholarships. We have guaranteed £2000 scholarships and 50% scholarships available on application for the top students. (http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/international/countries/asia/south-asia/india/scholarships)


Find out more today. Speak with Alison Witham at alison.witham@sheffield.ac.uk