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Maria from Finland, HND Music Performance and Musicianship

Maria Mäkinen
From: Finland
Studying: HND Music, Rock/Pop Performance and Musicianship
At: Edinburgh College in Scotland

Why did you decide to study in the UK?

‘I chose the UK firstly because I wanted to experience studying abroad and leaving my comfort zone.

‘The UK seemed appropriate due to its booming music industry and facilities. Not to mention the cosmopolitan atmosphere, which would only expand my horizons.’

What is an HND?

What do you find most inspiring about your institution?

‘I would say my peers were essential – being surrounded by so much talent only pushed me to improve my skills as well as learn from others. Having
the opportunity to meet other fellow students from all the different creative fields, from all four of the college’s campuses, increased my perception of the music and creative industries in Scotland.’

How did your perception of your subject change as a result
of your course?

‘To be honest, at first I thought the course was performance-focused, but to my surprise and pleasure, it encompassed much more than that. With the inclusion of other elements such as theory, studio production, etc., I believe the course ensures students are fully prepared to engage in the music industry.’

What did you like the most about the teaching methods and styles you experienced?

‘The practicality of the lessons (e.g. working in a real music studio) was inspirational and fulfilling.’

What does being ‘creative’ mean to you?

‘Even though the course prepares you to succeed in the creative industry, it’s a fact that creativity comes from the sensitivity of each individual. The hub through which we express it and transform something abstract into something tangible, is the ability to be creative.’

What advice would you give students hoping to study music?

‘Hard work, perseverance and dedication is a must for any student applying for any degree. When it comes to a music degree, self-criticism and the ability to receive constructive criticism are essential to guarantee improvement.’

Is there a memory of a trip, a workshop, a course or a speech that really stands out? Why?

‘Attending a seminar led by Ken Scott was definitely inspirational and informative. I will most certainly cherish his advice and experience, and apply them in my own future career. It is most important to remember to keep the essence of the art, no matter how much the technological advances alter it.’

What are your ambitions for the future?

‘My ambitions are limitless. I wish to thrive and succeed in music, as an artist, securing a living from my craft. As long as I feel happy and content with my achievements, that's fundamental.’

What’s your number one memory of your time as a student in the UK?

‘I don't have one specific memory, but if I had to select one it would be encountering different cultures, different talents and sensitivities, which improved my vision as an artist.’

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