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Discovery, creativity and innovation in the UK

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The UK is truly one of the most exciting and productive places in the world for research, creativity and innovation. Researchers in the UK gain more citations and usage per article, and write more articles individually, than anywhere else in the world (BIS, 2011).

Plus, UK courses encourage students to develop critical thinking skills, creativity and decision-making, which can improve your career prospects with employers worldwide.

Perhaps you are an art student wanting to change the way people see the world? An engineering student who wants to create the ultimate eco-friendly aeroplane? Or a scientist who could find the cure for a deadly disease?

People in the UK love new ideas – it’s part of our culture to think creatively and to keep finding new ways of doing things. As a student in the UK, you will be encouraged to explore your own ideas and to push the boundaries. Don’t worry – you will also receive lots of support. In surveys, over 93% of postgraduate students rate the quality of UK teaching highly.

If you have a passion for learning and you want to be at the forefront of your chosen subject, the UK is a superb place to be.

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'Take all the knowledge you can carry. UK universities are well-recognised and
established in the world, and this is a great chance to be up to speed with the
latest trends and developments in your field.'

~ Victoria from Russia, postgraduate student at the University of Surrey