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Thomas from Sweden, music producer

UK graduate and music producer Thomas Juth from Sweden, in his studio

Thomas Juth
From: Sweden
Studied: BA Recording Arts (Audio Production) at SAE Institute in London
Now: Music producer, freelance mixing and mastering engineer

Since graduating with a UK degree in audio production, Thomas Juth has gone on to win Grammy Awards for his music production and mixing – and an impressive client list, featuring the likes of Jamie Cullum, James Bay and Tinchy Stryder.

We asked him for an insight on his career, his experiences in the UK and his top piece of advice for students aspiring to work in the music industry...

Study music in the UK:

What drew you to the UK as a study destination?

‘Following my school education in Sweden I was looking to study in a more international environment, and London was the perfect place!

‘The UK is seen as the home of audio engineering, so for my degree, I also knew this would be useful for making connections in the industry and getting good work experience.

‘I’m also a big fan of The Beatles, and being close to Abbey Road Studios made it extra special.’

How did the teaching style in the UK compare to your studies in Sweden?

‘The teaching at SAE was different and it suited me better – the style is laid-back yet professional, and the teachers are passionate and personal. I found them easily approachable and fun, which made learning enjoyable.’

Tell us about your career – what are you doing now, and what is it like?

‘I started my career by mixing big records so I had to learn very fast. I worked with Cat Stevens, Elton John and A-ha, and developed my skills.

‘After a number of years I desired a change of direction and started to focus more on working with smaller artists. This approach allowed me to get to know people better. There was a fundamental difference in the relationship with the artist – almost a better connection, which made the work more rewarding.’

How did you start finding work after university?

‘I put a lot of effort into networking at the start – meeting people, being active. Plus with a bit of luck, I was able to meet a well-known producer, Martin Terefe. He helped me to develop my skills in mixing.’

What does ‘creativity’ mean to you?

‘For me, creativity means freedom. You have a vision of something with the artist, and work towards creating the art. More freedom = more fun.’

What advice would you give to students hoping to work in the music industry?

‘Develop your skills, but also build on your personality – be eager, responsive, “the person that always gets back to me” – as networking is so important to getting ahead in the industry.’

What are your ambitions for the future?

‘Maintain a balance, keep working with inspirational people, and learn as much as I can!’

What’s your number one memory from your time as a student in the UK?

‘London has so many exciting studios with a rich history of music, plus many places hosting seminars and workshops, on subjects such as Pro Tools audio software – there are so many ways to learn.

‘It’s a city to meet like-minded people and find your crowd.’

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