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Murtaza from Bangladesh, MSc Management Science and Operations Management

Murtaza Faruquee, from Bangladesh, is studying for an MSc in Management Science and Operations Management at the University of Nottingham. He received a scholarship through the university’s Developing Solutions programme to help fund his studies.

Here, he shares his experiences, ambitions – and two key pieces of advice for any scholarship application...

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

'When I decided to do my MSc outside of my home country, I actually looked for all possible options, and through that I found something very unique about the UK. Compared to some other countries, universities in the UK are very old, which brings a maturity and experience.

'Since I wanted to be involved in research during my master’s degree, a research-oriented education system and the university’s experience plays a big role. Moreover, most of the universities who support research in my study field are in the UK. So the UK become my primary target.'

Why did you choose to study Operations Management, and what do you hope to do with your degree in the future?

'Operations management is very close to the heart of manufacturing industries. My country is a developing country, and our economy is run by manufacturing, but we don’t have much scope to study this subject in higher education. On the other hand the University of Nottingham, where I am doing my MSc, is renowned for its research excellence in this field.

'So I decided to come here, study for an MSc and PhD, then go back to home as a university lecturer in Operations Management.'

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How do you think studying in the UK can boost your career?

'I’ve already mentioned the UK’s experience and excellence in my field, but there is also a very strong professional network all over the world. No matter which area or industry you want to focus on (from newspaper distribution to aerospace supply chain), you will find there’s someone with experience in that field, who studied in the UK. For me, this quality creates many career opportunities.'

What has been your best experience in the UK so far?

'A rich history and the willingness to preserve it, is something I always love about the UK. No matter where I go in London, Birmingham, Warwick or Nottingham, every place is full with history. Best part is, you can enjoy the UK’s history even just by walking on the street. There are also museums everywhere, and last but most interesting, are the castles. Every city has one and every castle is unique.'

Murtaza on campus in Nottingham (Photo © Murtaza Faruquee)

What advice do you have for students applying for scholarships or funding to study in the UK?

'I think there are two key factors for being successful in a scholarship application – first, apply as early as possible. Generally these applications have some questions to answer and documents to submit, and if you finish it in a hurry on the last night before the deadline, the university will be able to feel that you were not serious about it.'

'Secondly, always try to be honest when you answer any descriptive question in your application. I believe this was key to my success with the scholarship.'

Do you think living in a multicultural place has been beneficial to you?

'Yes, certainly it is. For me, this one year of MSc studies is like travelling around the world in a year. Sharing a classroom with people from 36 countries; there is nothing more exciting than that! One very good thing about the UK is that people here are very open to new people and cultures – they are so respectful and so interested. In the UK you can take the term "global village" literally.'

All of the Developing Solutions scholarship students at the University of Nottingham

What is it really like to study abroad?

'There is so much to do, learn, see and enjoy that recreation becomes part of daily life, and the value of this experience is worth the hard work which you have to do for your studies.'

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