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Theodosios from Greece, LLB Law

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Theodosios Kottas, 18, from Greece
LL.B Single Honours Law at the School of Business, Economics and Law at Swansea University, Wales

"One academic year in the UK has passed and... what an experience! Swansea in Wales is certainly a great place to start your adult student life.

Coming from Greece, I had been trying to find a place where international students are welcome by all means, that would equip me with appropriate legal training (because I am a law student), prepare me to enter the competitive job market and at the same time to provide me with a diverse social life. Exploiting my EU-student rights – i.e. I would pay the same tuition fees as local students – and after much research, I concluded that the UK would provide me with all those things compared to other European countries.

Now that I am a student in the UK, I can say that being a student here is an awesome experience. I will explain – at the start of my day I enjoy a wonderful English breakfast in my comfortable room at the University's halls of residence, and afterwards I attend educational and interesting law lectures and seminars in a modern-designed campus. In the afternoon I'm having lunch at the Uni' s restaurants and studying for the next day at a fully-equipped library, and waiting for the evening when I can hit Wind Street, the most well-known area for student entertainment!

What I love most about UK student life is that I can combine attractive and well-structured studies, helpful and friendly University staff and a glamorous social life.

Regarding the UK in general, I admire the mix of multiculturalism and glorious history, along with efficient technology and the multiple opportunities given to the young generation. In order to settle in and adapt to UK life, you should be open-minded, hard-working, polite – as British kindness is well-known – disciplined and ready to seize any kind of opportunity that your Uni provides you. And of course, warm clothes!

Don't worry about making friends; people in the UK are very friendly and willing to familiarise you with their habits. When it comes to exam time, I hope you have a good stomach; coffee and the library will be your best friends, but at the end of the day you will be rewarded both morally and materially if your results are good. Finally, in order to prepare for your future, try to attend various employability events and find vacation schemes to enhance your CV, and success will be close.

In conclusion, for me the UK has been the right choice for my studies and I hope if you finally study here, follow some of my advice and have a great time too!"


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