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Tips on applying to UK universities – key dates

Monthly Article - Dec 2015

The UK is home to more than 360 universities and colleges that offer higher education qualifications. Studying in the UK gives you the chance to develop your skills, reach your full potential and gain a qualification that is globally respected.

With thousands of UK higher education courses on offer, you can follow your passions and choose a course that matches your goals and interests. With the UCAS deadline approaching in January 2016, the Q&A below provides information on what you need to know when applying to UK universities and colleges.

When should I apply to UK universities for September/October 2016 entry? 

The deadline for the majority of undergraduate courses is 15 January 2016, while the deadline for some art and design courses is 24 March 2016.

What happens after I have submitted my application?

UCAS will process it and send you a welcome email confirming the application has been sent to your university choices. This email will also contain your Personal ID, which will enable you to log in to Track to check the progress of your application. If you receive all your university/college decisions by 31 March you must reply to any offers by 4 May 2016 or they'll be declined.

Can I apply after 15 January 2016?

Yes, many universities and colleges will continue to accept applications from international students until later in the year, nearer the beginning of the course, don’t leave it too late though, especially if the course or university you prefer is a popular one. Also, if you do get a place, you’ll still need to arrange a visa and your accommodation.

Where can I find out more information on applying to UK universities?

Join the upcoming Education UK exhibition on 23-24 January 2016 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre organized by British Council. Over 90 schools, colleges and universities will be on site to provide information on courses and entry requirements. Seminars on a wide range of topics, from articulation between UK and Hong Kong education systems, UCAS application procedures to IELTS test preparation, will be held to help students and parents make informed choices. 

Register for the exhibition at www.educationuk.org/hongkong/articles/educationuk2016/ now! 



Source: UCAS and Education UK