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Entrepreneur inspired to train over 400 graduates after study at Cardiff University

Entrepreneurial Award: Dr. Fawaz Saad

Dean of the Innovation Entrepreneurship Institute at the Umm Al-Quara University, Dr. Fawaz has spent his career supporting the development of entrepreneurialism amongst Saudi Arabia’s young people.

His various initiatives inside and outside of the university have inspired  young people to strive for a prosperous future by finding creative and innovative solutions to society’s problems and to make this a driver for gaining knowledge.

His Accelerator Programme at the university has provided training to over 400 young Saudis over three years, leading to the formation of a number of start-ups. His work has also led to the number of patent disclosures at the university rising dramatically from just a handful to over 1,500.

Dr. Fawaz found his passion for entrepreneurialism while studying for a PhD in Chemistry at the Cardiff University.

‘It was the competitions organised at Cardiff University that introduced me to entrepreneurship for the first time. I was delighted to learn how one’s innovative research could be transformed into a start-up,’ he says.

This led to Dr. Fawaz organising more than 120 scientific, social and training events for the 14,000 Saudi students living in the UK in his capacity as the leader of the Saudi Student Society. It also sparked ideas for innovative projects of his own.

‘I founded MVRmedia.net with two friends as a social entrepreneurship project which is still up and running and recognised by Saudi students worldwide. I also co-founded the Excellence Entrepreneurship Centre, which trained more than 2,000 Saudi students in the UK about business model generation,’ he says.